UV Air Purifiers Help Keep Your Family Safe

November 10th, 2020 | seoteam

Every winter, families across the U.S. fight the ravages of cold and flu season, made worse by the need to stay indoors and keep windows closed against the cold. This year, with COVID-19, the stakes are even higher. Get your family the extra protection they need by getting a UV air purifier installed.

You can wipe down counters and doorknobs all day long and nag your kids to wash their hands, but if the germs are airborne, like the coronavirus, it won’t help. Cleanliness definitely helps curb some illnesses, such as coxsackievirus, which causes hand, foot and mouth disease; salmonella, which comes from raw meat; or even common cold viruses.

How a UV Air Purifier Works

A UV air purifier uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen and more. These types of purifiers have long been used to clean drinking water. Many hospitals are currently using ultraviolet lights to sterilize PPE, such as masks, for staff members to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Kansas City Clean Air installs UV air purifiers directly within your residential HVAC system. Some homeowners opt to purchase stand-alone UV air purifiers, but we believe your air gets cleaner with a purifier that is installed in your air ducts.

That’s because all the air that comes into your home must pass through your HVAC system, and when it does, that air gets blown throughout your home as heat or air conditioning. This is one of the reasons our company provides services such as air duct cleaning and A/C coil and blower motor cleaning. We want only clean air coming out of your air vents.

But as much as we brush and sweep and vacuum, these methods do not remove germs and pathogens from your air. Only a UV air purifier can do that.

UV Air Purifiers Kill Germs

With a UV air purifier, when your heat or A/C kicks on, it draws air from the outside into the HVAC unit, but before the air is released into your home, it goes through the air purifier. This important extra step decreases the danger to anyone breathing the air in your home.

When we talk about UV air purifiers, we focus a lot on viruses and bacteria because these are so threatening to our health, especially today. But UV air purifiers are also good for helping allergy sufferers. They inactivate pollen as well as dangerous mold spores. Both of these can cause misery in the form of sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and more.

Call Kansas City Clean Air

Our customers tell us after air duct cleaning that they notice their home stays cleaner longer. But you can’t see the pathogens in the air that your family breathes in. Don’t wait to find out what harm they might do. Contact Kansas City Clean Air today and make an appointment for UV air purifier installation. You’ll sleep easier knowing your family is protected.

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