A/C Coil Cleaning


At Kansas City Clean Air, we offer professional A/C coil cleaning to keep your air conditioner running smoothly all summer long.

When the coils cannot properly release the liquids inside, your A/C unit may get moldy. This isn’t just a cosmetic problem; if your unit blows mold spores throughout your home or office whenever it turns on, everyone’s health is in danger.

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How We Clean Your A/C Coils

At Kansas City Clean Air, we clean all your A/C coils thoroughly. It’s true, you can hose them off yourself, but that rarely does the job properly.

The evaporator and condenser coils in your air conditioner are an essential part of the unit. Usually made of copper or aluminum, these coils hold the refrigerant that helps cool your home. They are also responsible for releasing the hot air outside.

If the coils are coated with dust and debris, they cannot release the heat as easily. Your A/C has to work harder, longer, to achieve your desired temperature. Further, any kind of yard debris that falls inside the unit also hampers its operation. Leaves, twigs and even pet hair can clog up your coils. If you routinely mow the lawn near your unit, you may also inadvertently blow grass clippings into the works every time you use your mower.

As A/C technicians, we turn off the power to your air conditioning unit and take it apart. We vacuum out all the debris and coat your evaporator coils with a foaming cleanser. We make sure there is no dust or dirt left in the fan or fins. Then we rinse away the cleaner gently, so as not to bend any of the fins. Lastly, we reassemble your A/C unit and make sure it is in perfect working order.

Relax, Knowing Your Air is Clean

Having clean A/C coils means your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house or commercial building cool. Your unit will last longer, and your utility bills will be lower.

You also won’t have to worry about your unit blowing dirty or contaminated air into your home. Legionnaire’s disease was named after an American Legion convention at a Philadelphia hotel where a moldy A/C sickened nearly 200 convention attendees and hotel guests and killed 29. Keeping your A/C clean is important.

Have Kansas City Clean Air service your air conditioning unit at least once per year. The best time is late winter/early spring, before the warm season is upon us. We clean your A/C coils and your blower motor and make sure your unit is in good working order, replacing worn parts and performing other routine maintenance.

Stay cool — and safe — with Kansas City Clean Air.


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