Blower Motor Cleaning


Kansas City Clean Air wants you to be able to count on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool on the hottest summer days. That’s why we offer blower motor cleaning for your A/C.

Your air conditioner has a lot of moving parts. If one of them doesn’t work, it can shut down the whole system. The blower motor is one of these parts.

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Your A/C’s blower motor is equipped with a fan that is responsible for blowing cool air into your home or business office and warm air out of it. If it doesn’t work, the air doesn’t move.

The blower motor is contained within the condenser unit, which is usually outside. Occasionally these units are located in an attic, or on commercial buildings, they are sometimes on the roof.

For this reason, they tend to get dirty and grimy. Everything that’s outside gets on the blower motor. This dirt and grime can affect how — and even if — the motor turns. What are the signs of a blower motor in need of service?

  • Fan blades that don’t turn
  • Fan blades that turn slowly
  • A loud, rattling noise coming from the unit

These signs can point to a blower motor that is gummed up with debris, preventing it from turning. If the blades do turn, they put an extra strain on the motor, which has to work harder.

How Kansas City Clean Air Cleans Blower Motors

Cleaning the blower motor involves taking apart the unit. For this reason, we don’t recommend DIY cleaning. You could damage the unit, or even suffer an electric shock.

You must cut power to the unit before servicing, and because your A/C doesn’t just unplug from the wall, you must make certain you have turned off the correct circuit breaker.

After we take your A/C unit apart, we remove the blower motor and the housing. They are usually covered in dust and debris, and we use brushes to remove some of it. We then coat the fan blades, shaft and housing with a cleaner that we leave on for several minutes. This helps break down the dirt.

Depending on the condition of the blower motor, we may agitate the solution before hosing it off, and we may repeat the process to ensure all parts are completely clean.

Cool Air is Restored in Your Kansas City Home or Office

Once we get your unit up and running again, you’ll feel the difference in your home. Whereas before you may have felt a weak air stream from your vents, once your blower motor is clean, you will feel a strong blast of cold air when your unit kicks on.

And you won’t have to worry about the dirt and grime from the motor being blown throughout your house. The level of contaminants and allergens in your home will drop immediately.

Keep the air in your home or commercial business clean and clear. Call Kansas City Clean Air today to set up a service call for your A/C.


At Kansas City Clean Air, we offer high-quality air purification services at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is our priority and we believe in providing you more than your money’s worth. We work hard to give you the best prices for air cleaning services while maintaining exceptional service standards. If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your Kansas City home or office, get in touch with us for more information.


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