Sanitizing & Odor Removal


Has your home or office taken on an unusual, unpleasant odor that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Call the experts at Kansas City Clean Air, and we will have your building smelling clean and fresh again in no time.

What’s That Smell?!

Odors have so many sources, it can be hard to pinpoint what is causing the smell in your home. If you have pets, your home may have taken on a musty smell from pets that go out in the rain and then flop down to take a nap on the carpet or furniture. This smell is likely mold or mildew-based.

Pets can also be to blame for a pervasive urine or feces smell. When you’re training a puppy, you put down newspapers, but they still sometimes have accidents, and pet urine can leak into the floorboards. Cats that aren’t neutered will mark their territory by spraying urine around your home. Unspayed dogs may bleed on the carpet or furniture.

Added to the general pet smells — dog breath, litter boxes, pet food — your home can start to take on a seriously bad smell.

Mold & Decay in Kansas City Buildings

Another common source of odors in the home or office includes mold and rotting wood or wallboard. Old buildings and buildings that have suffered leaks or flooding are especially prone to these odors.

Sometimes homeowners have stored food that they have forgotten about that has gone bad. A cracked ketchup bottle, a bag of apples or rancid oil or peanut butter can release an array of disagreeable odors.

One particularly bad smell that often stymies homeowners is a dead animal. Even an animal as small as a mouse can cause a powerful stench for weeks. If the animal is in the crawl space, it can likely be easily removed. But oftentimes small animals are trapped in walls, ceilings, floors or even the HVAC system. Every time your A/C kicks on, it blasts the smell throughout the house.

Trust Kansas City Clean Air

Whether it’s smoke damage, a sewer backup or another problem causing the odor in your home, Kansas City Clean Air can help.

Once the source of the odor is remedied, we step in and clean up. Depending on the type of odor and where it is lingering, we clean furniture, rugs, walls, drapes and even the air. We leave your home or office clean and sanitary again.

If your home or office smells bad and you don’t know why, contact us today. We are trained to identify odors in buildings and we quickly rectify the problem. Don’t hold your nose; call Kansas City Clean Air.


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