Mold Remediation


You don’t need to live in a humid climate to have mold problems. You just need dampness, whether it’s from a water leak, poor ventilation or another source. Rely on Kansas City Clean Air to eradicate any mold that’s growing in your home or business.

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Mold: The Insidious Invader

You can’t always see mold. Sometimes it’s growing under floorboards or behind walls. Other times the spores are in the air. Even when you can see mold, some people do not recognize it. We are all probably familiar with the black spots that can spring up in the shower stall or around the kitchen faucet.

But mold can be many colors besides black: brown, pink, green, yellow and even white. Regardless of its color or location, mold can make you — and your family or your employees — sick. It can cause a host of ongoing symptoms, including runny nose; itchy, watery eyes; congestion; coughing; fever; flu-like symptoms; and more.

When you call Kansas City Clean Air, we test the surfaces in your home as well as the air for the presence of mold. If the tests are positive, we began eradication procedures.

Eliminating Mold in Your Home or Business

First, we remove anything contaminated with mold that can’t be cleaned, such as wallboard, flooring and heavily infested furniture or household items. Next, we clean the remaining surfaces with oxygenated products to kill the mold spores. We don’t use chlorine bleach, as that can be an irritant to the respiratory system as well.

It’s important to pinpoint the source of the mold, so that it doesn’t return. If it was a leak that has been repaired, you’re likely in the clear. But if it’s a continuing problem in your basement, you may need to install a dehumidifier. If you keep getting mold in the bathroom because you have no exhaust fan, you may want to consider getting one installed.

Business owners especially need to find the source of mold growth and stop it before it starts; toxic mold exposure can open you up to liability issues.

Keeping Mold at Bay in Kansas City

Once the mold is cleaned up, your building’s occupants should quickly regain their health. Keep in mind that in order to thrive, mold needs a dark, damp climate. It can’t grow in sunshine. Try to open windows or run your HVAC’s fan to circulate fresh air. Use dehumidifiers or a product such as DampRid in closets and other locations without good air circulation.

Also consider getting a UV air purifier installed in your HVAC system. While it can’t get rid of a mold infestation, it will kill any mold spores entering your air ducts so that they are not dispersed throughout your home.

Do you think your home or office might have a mold infestation? Call Kansas City Clean Air today, and breathe easier tomorrow.


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