Other Services


At Kansas City Clean Air, we specialize in air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and UV air purifier installation. But we also offer a variety of other services to keep the air in your home or office clean and fresh.

Other Air Cleaning Services

Apart from air duct, dryer vent cleaning, and UV purification, we also provide a host of other services including the following:

  • Mold Remediation: The presence of mold can be a serious health hazard. It can cause cold and flu-like symptoms and pose major consequences to those who suffer with asthma, allergies or have compromised immune systems. If your home suffered a leak or flood, or if you just feel tired and sick all the time and don’t know why, call Kansas City Clean Air. Your home or office could be making you sick. We can help you get better.
  • Sanitizing & Odor Removal: You don’t have to live with that weird smell in your home or office. Maybe you know the smell is smoke from a small fire or your visiting relatives’ cigarettes. Maybe you can’t identify the odd aroma, but you know you don’t like it. Call Kansas City Clean Air. We’ll identify the source of the odor and get rid of it — for good.
  • Lifetime Services: At Kansas City Clean Air, we know how hectic your life can get. We know that when you’re worried about work, school, the kids and your social obligations, you may forget it’s time to change the HVAC filter or hose off the A/C coils. For business owners, these types of chores can be even more burdensome. You’re trying to run a business — you’re not a maintenance person. That’s why we offer lifetime services — we take care of the maintenance your home needs to have clean, fresh air, year-round. You won’t have to wonder when you last had the dryer vent or the air ducts cleaned — we’ll know. And you can rest assured it will be done on schedule.
  • Crawl Space Cleanup & Waterproofing: Crawl spaces are not particularly inviting. They’re dark, damp and dangerous. That’s why spiders, snakes and other critters love to live there! Turn your crawl space from scary to sweet with Kansas City Clean Air’s waterproofing and encapsulation services. We remove all the debris from your crawl space, level it and cover it with a heavy plastic that we secure in place. Your crawl space is magically transformed from a no-man’s land into a clean, dry space where you can store items and access your home systems easily and safely.
  • A/C Coil Cleaning: Your A/C needs regular maintenance. Without it, you’re putting a strain on the unit and reducing its efficiency. You pay more in energy costs, and your unit is likely to break down sooner.
  • Blower Motor Cleaning: Cleaning your blower motor is vital to the functionality of your HVAC system. It is important that the motor inside your system is maintained and cleaned at regular intervals. Keeping the coils and the blower motor clean are two important steps you can take toward preserving the life and efficiency of your A/C.

Kansas City Clean Air is on a mission to provide area residents with the cleanest air possible. Put your home or office on the list and breathe easier.