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UV Air Purifiers Help Keep Your Family Safe

Every winter, families across the U.S. fight the ravages of cold and flu season, made worse by the need to stay indoors and keep windows closed against the cold. This year, with COVID-19, the stakes are even higher. Get your family the extra protection they need by getting a UV air purifier installed. You can…

Kansas City Clean Air Protects You from Fall Allergies

Spring is notorious for causing allergy symptoms for residents of St. Joseph and people living throughout the U.S. But did you know that fall is can also cause allergic reactions? We’ll tell you how, and what you can do to limit the effects of the changing seasons on your respiratory system. Pollen + Mold =…

Fighting COVID-19 with Clean Air

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat, some people are opting to limit the number of service professionals who come into their Topeka homes. And this is a wise move, especially if the services are not essential. You may think only broken furnaces and water leaks are essential; however, clean air is essential too.…

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